Success Stories

Highlighting Innovation in Manufacturing

We've asked Colorado manufacturers to share what's unique about their companies. Find out here.

Combining insights from RCPI and processes from the Project Management and Six Sigma workshops, CTD launched its newest product, the Portable Array Module (PAM™) for Expeditionary Power, which is already responsible for over $11 million in new sales to the U.S. military.
Research Electro-Optics (REO) is a manufacturer of advanced optics for the defense, aerospace, semiconductor, medical and industrial markets. REO recently celebrated their 40th anniversary, employs approximately 230 people and operates out of Boulder, CO.
When Owner and General Manager Sue Mahon’s husband, Dick, suffered a stroke a few years ago, she suddenly found herself at the helm of an entire company and manufacturing facility. Even though she had an excellent Operations Manager to assist her with the transition, she still felt “ill-prepared to deal with the operational end of the business and decided to seek help from CAMT.
TruStile’s “No limits!” approach to door design, where the customer is only limited by his or her own imagination, has allowed it to become the preeminent producer of custom doors in the region, if not in the nation.
Faustson Tool is a high precision machine shop and worldwide leader in 5 Axis Manufacturing Technology that specializes in providing innovative solutions to a wide array of manufacturing trials throughout the aerospace, defense, medical, semi-conductor, energy, and aeronautic industries.
As more production opportunities presented themselves, BNI realized improved production efficiency was necessary for long-term growth and partnered with the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT) on several initiatives.
Results have added up to significant financial impact, including $500,000 in retained sales and $279,000 in cost savings.
All told, CTD credits CAMT with helping increase sales more than $2 million, with the potential for significant additional sales.
With more efficient systematic workplace processes, ERA has realized $600,000 in increased sales and $125,000 in cost savings.
Since expanding in Colorado, BEST estimates approximately $800,000 in expenditures with local suppliers in 2009. In 2010, that number increased to $1.6M and $3M in 2011. In 2012, it is expected that BEST spending with local suppliers will exceed $12M – $15M. In addition to BEST’s growth, Colorado companies supplying BEST have hired employees to fulfill BEST contracts.